Everything in steel<br/>— we make it real

Everything in steel
— we make it real

Steel forms the backbone of many projects and at Hedema our goal is to be your preferred supplier of steel products and constructions. Our expertise and offerings span a wide range, and we can be your collaborative partner and supplier from concept to assembly.

Sheet metal processing is our core competence

If you need a specialized company in sheet metal processing, we at Hedema can certainly assist you. Our skilled and experienced employees are experts in bending, cutting, and welding, ensuring that the result is always precise and according to the customer's wishes.

Our state-of-the-art laser cutters are particularly suitable for plates up to 25 mm, and we can provide laser-cut components in all types of metals. Additionally, with our CNC-controlled press brakes, we can bend up to 4200 mm – in all materials as well.

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We assist across industries

At Hedema, we work across many companies and industries, and our years of experience in the field ensure that we are always updated on the latest knowledge, skills, and products.

Selected cases

We take pride in the solutions we have provided to our customers and partners. Dive into previous cases here and gain insight into how we can also assist you.

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